Sunday, November 20, 2011

what to call it?

I might just have to settle on a term for it. Try explaining to your two year old the difference between experimental film, avant-garde film, poetic cinema, underground film, etc, etc, blah blah blah. He can say "mommy making movies" and "mommy working". But what of the films I like? "Experimental" film seems falsely modest. "Avant-garde" sounds self-important. How about "Film art"? (but in a theater which I prefer over the gallery?) I want to show him a Pat O'Neill film for some reason. What to call it? Yes, Yes, just let it speak for itself, but sometimes a label is required.

It is amazing to see Teo learning a new language- his first of course. I cannot even begin to describe how wondrous it is. He and I are also trying to learn Mandarin and it is as if my brain is fossilled over and nothing penetrates. Teo has the memory and "brain absorption capacity" of a champion. I admire it immensely (and I have a little nostalgia for when I might have had such a spongy brain).

But back to the point of this....What to call those challenging, sometimes beautiful, complex, sometimes difficult, personal, non-commercial, debt-producing films that I love (to watch and make)? It's a tired question that I never bothered with much before (using all terms interchangeably) - well maybe that's the best that we can do since the film work I'm discussing defies fixed language.

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  1. Hi, Jennifer. Glad to see your blog is back!
    I've long settled for 'experimental'. The term has a certain tradition, and for me 'experiment' means trying something new, a challenge... though that doesn't mean, as some complain, that you don't know exactly what you're doing. The British have the term "Artists' film & video" which seems to me very generic (and, after all, what is an artist?)

    ...and watching a child grow is amazing! (and I only know from indirect experience)